Nothing Ever Happened

by The Mighty Orchid King

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Nothing Ever Happened was conceived after The Mighty Orchid King found Jack Kerouac in the cliffs of Big Sur in a past life. He was writing the poem of the ocean and did not wish to be disturbed. When Jack opened his mouth, he spoke only in the language of the angry water below, an unusual tongue which they could not fully understand. 'Shoo-----Shaw-----Shirsh-----!' he suddenly exclaimed. Confused, they sought more explanation from this mysterious prophet. Jack, who was now quite irritated, commanded The Mighty Orchid King to go out into the world, pray to the mountains, fall in love and make the music that came in to their minds for no particular reason at all.

Convinced by this beatnik character, they did as he had ordered, finally returning to their rehearsal space in Mill Hill and entering into a kind of fuzzy haze from which they could not leave for several months. When they woke they were delighted to find four ‘songs’ on their Macintosh computer. But they spent another lifetime deciding how best to arrange these cosmic jams for human consumption. This self-editing which Jack so loathed had became an obsession. The Mighty Orchid King no longer knew if they were making music or just arbitrary sound. They could not even recognise their own reflection in the mirror.

To make matters worse, it emerged that they had made a dangerous deal in their stupor with an evil creature known as the Snakehead. The Snakehead saw the organic beauty in their ideas and offered to help them in their quest. Jack had warned them about this beast, but the Snakehead tempted the Mighty Orchid King with its knowledge of ancient recording techniques and an unparalleled collection of old microphones. But the Snakehead had a foul temper and sought to warp their treasure for his own gain, simplifying the melodies and crushing their spirit. In an epic showdown, The Mighty Orchid King finally regained creative control and continued on their path to find 'that big epic sound'. But it had come at a hefty price; the Snakehead cursed the Mighty Orchid King and unleashed chaos across the land.

As they pulled open the door to leave Room 10 of the Music Complex they saw to their horror that fire was raining down from the Mill Hill sky and the once paradisiacal North London suburb had been rendered a living hell. The Mighty Orchid King was paralysed with guilt. They had been lost in a dream world while the real world was crashing down around them. They no longer knew if the world needed songs or firefighters. But they had promised Jack to release the music, and they hoped his scripture could save the world.

This sprawling and honest mess is the result, a record indebted equally to Antipodean psychedelia and Laurel Canyon harmonies, telling tales of love, alienation and apocalypse.


released April 28, 2017

Jonny Bennett - Vocals (1, 2 & 4), Drums & Percussion, Harmonies
Martin van Heerden - Guitars, Harmonies
Pete Martin - Bass, Keys, Harmonies
Michael Rea - Vocals (3), Guitars, Sitar, Keys, Harmonies
Freddy Sawyer - Harmonies

We've Been Here Before contains a sample of 'Nirvana' by Sri Aurobindo, reproduced with the kind permission of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

Written, performed and produced by TMOK.
Recorded at SAS Music, September 2016 - February 2017.
Mixed by Phil Craig and Michael Rea.

Album art by Martin van Heerden.
Background photo by Liam Apter.
Band photos by Alex Campbell.

Eternal thanks to Mick, Phil and all the family and friends who made this happen. You know who you are!



all rights reserved


The Mighty Orchid King Saint Albans, UK

14 August - The Finsbury, London
19 August - Penn Meadow Festival, Penn
23 August - The Green Door Store, Brighton
25 August - Ryan's N16, London
2 September - Wilkestock, Stevenage

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Track Name: Nothing Ever Happened
Why do I feel so cold?
What is this pain in my soul?
Why do I do the things I do?
A means to an end; I'm passing through.

What are the skulls that we hold?
Innocence stands like a distant role.
Where do I stand? I don't understand.
And how will I know when I'm a man?

Nothing Ever Happened.
It Was All Imagined.

Patterns are repeating in the sky,
Rainbow serpent passing through the night.
Speak to me you never really die.
This is just love whispering goodbye.

I was summoned to the highest court,
They could not stop these electric thoughts.
I close my eyes and block out the sound,
And wait for the light to rise through the ground.
Cease to exist and learn how to love,
Happiness rains down from above.

Nothing Ever Happened.
It Was All Imagined.

Patterns are repeating in the sky,
Rainbow serpent passing through the night.
Speak to me you never really die.
This is just love whispering goodbye.

Nothing Ever Happened.
It Was All Imagined.
Track Name: Ocular Riptide
We are golden shining.
Two lost souls colliding.

As the night became tomorrow,
From the Buda Hills I followed
Across the Liberty.

As you walked away,
Gold dust fell from your hair,
Shining on my fingers,
A footprint on my soul.

Can't escape
The resting state of anguish,
That I couldn't find the language,
Couldn't sing the melody.

Speak to me and your heart is working.
Take your time and the wheel is turning.

As I whispered in your ear,
I knew my words would disappear,
Deported by the Morning Sun,
The stories that we told are gone.

Mysteries within your eyes,
I want to sail my ship inside.
You'll count down while I try to hide.
Won't fight your Ocular Riptide.

I listen
To the cascade washing over me,
I could write a symphony:
"Esprit de l'escalier"

Maybe I invented you in my head.
Beautiful illusions I won't forget.

Every single word I said,
You looked at me with bated breath.
It was a time for bravery,
The moment washed into the sea.

Mysteries within your eyes,
I want to sail my ship inside.
You'll count down while I try to hide.
Won't fight your Ocular Riptide.

Won't fight your Ocular Riptide.
How many sailors lost their lives
Inside your Ocular Riptide?

Won't fight your Ocular Riptide.
I didn't need the morning light;
I got an Ocular Sunrise.
Track Name: Be Somebody Else
All this fragmentary life
I’m just one man
I would multiply identities
Please show me if you can

We already live our lives
Through others’ eyes
See my one desire, to free myself
My body and my mind

I wanna be somebody else

There’s no reason to be here
Under the spell
All that’s solid now, will one day melt
To nothing more than air

I wanna be somebody else
(I don’t wanna be around)
Track Name: We've Been Here Before
Heavy thoughts tonight,
It's a one way flight,
A broken circle with a closing door.

Who unleashed the fire?
Clowns lead the choir
And we're all singing from a different score.

But looking in your eyes,
Swore I could see the light,
And I've been waiting for another spin.

We're breathing out love,
Can it be enough?
Can we reignite the flow of things?

You said the waves would never come down on us,
But now the ice is melting and I'm tied to the rocks.

We've Been Here Before, I know.
Every time I let you go.
So don't you run away again,
Don't you run.

Before the walls start crumbling down.
Before the world stops spinning round.
The Buda Hills still sing to me
A promise of eternity.

We've Been Here Before, I know.
Every time, I let you go.
So don't you run away again.

Tie me to the wheel of things,
I need to find the golden one.
Beginning to feel as though,
The engine's stopped and it won't run.

This mess we're in, where to begin?
You held the keys to everything.
Now I need a sign, give me a sign,
Give me a sign, give me a sign.